How can we form

new habits that change our lives for the better?

Rewire's lessons, personal metrics, and advanced goal-setting technology are based on evidence from neuroscientific and behavioural research. Partnering with authors, publishers and business leaders, we create actionable daily exercises based on expert knowledge. We transform books and courses into habits that lead to personal and corporate results.

We transform books and courses into habits

Rewire codifies habits by theme, by book, by workshop, and many other pathways, depending on the needs of each target audience. We also create core practices that include groups

of habits aimed at specific life changes.

The reality is that not only do we not absorb 80% of the information we receive, according to Stick With It author Sean Young, but we don’t bother to put this knowledge into practice.

Habit-forming technology makes changes last


Introducing Rewire

Rewire is an app for Android and iOS that converts today’s leading, best-selling business books into daily habits.

Rewire helps you

• Understand best-selling authors’ teachings

• Create daily habits and exercises for business performance

• Solve problems at work and in your personal life

• Track your progress and meet key milestones

• Remember what to do to keep on your path


One step at a time, we’ll work with you to set your business and personal goals, develop your habits, and live the life you want.


Change your mind. Change your world.

Scheduled notifications shape new habits in your daily life


is not a single flash of insight

It comes from developing skills formed by daily habits

You spend a lot of time reading about innovative business practices, but it’s difficult to imagine how to apply what you read in real life.


What does this mean? You can’t just read a book and expect change right away.


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